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Two of Wall Street’s Legendary Speakers Discuss All You Need to Know to Become Truly Elite Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers 


  • Being Brilliant at the Basics

  • Challenging Your Belief System

  • How to Manage your Book and Analyze your Business

  • Finding the Right Clients and Phasing Out the Wrong Ones

  • Modeling

  • Profiling

  • The Importance of Having a Value Statement

  • Rules of Engagement

  • Becoming A Better Communicator*

  • Building Client Trust

  • There is More than One Right Answer

  • The Importance of Marketing

  • Overcoming Objections and Asking for a Commitment

  • Getting the Client Service Model Right

  • Creating a Repeatable Process

  • How to Delegate Successfully

  • Six Ways to Open Significant Accounts

  • Being the Best at What You Do

  • Becoming a Life Advisor

•    Managing Clients vs Managing Money
•    Putting It All Together
•    How to Differentiate Yourself and Create a Competitive Advantage
•    Creating a Sophisticated but Simple Money Management Process
•    Random Thought About Asset Retention
•    Effective and Fun Client events
•    A Discussion on Fees
•    Story Selling
•    Leveraging Your Business by Building a Strong Client Service Team
•    How to Optimize the Use of Wholesalers
•    Soft Skills vs Hard Skills
•    Volatility and the Message Triangle
•    Building a Robust Capacity to Enjoy the Business

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