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10 Steps to Success for wholesalers in 2024

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

  1. Define your annual goal and then break it up into a weekly goal both in terms of appointments and sales

  2. Retain your top 60 reps. Send them a handwritten letter telling them how important their business is to you and how you are willing to help them in any way to continue to earn their business

  3. Bring on 25 new reps each from the 3 most substantial firms in your territory

  4. Double the amount of time you spend with your top 60

  5. Identify 20 new reps that can do $1 million in sales and overwhelm them. These are producers that you already have but a currently doing less than $500,000.00

  6. Focus on 50 additional new prospects

  7. Create 4 events on practice management, one each quarter, where you ask your top producers to bring a colleague to the event

  8. Team up with your mutual fund counterparts to help producers create a portfolio protection plan for 2024

  9. Help the financial advisors with their top New Years Resolutions for 2024

  10. Become Relevant and Add Value. Let your clients know that you are the best wholesaler in their area to partner up with and why!

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