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2024 Thoughts for Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers

  • Spend 75% or more of your time doing things that have a direct positive result in your success, namely, staying in constant touch with their clients and exceeding their expectations.  These builds trust.

  • Create a rigorous client acquisition and retention plan.  Spend as much time keeping your current clients satisfied acquiring new clients.

  • Only take clients that meet all your parameters.

  • Create a sophisticated but simple asset management philosophy that takes very little time once implemented. It should include asset protection as well as growth. Identify where the best advice comes from and rely on it. Create a passion for personal development.

  • Set a New Year’s Resolution to greatly enhance your communication skills.

  • Do something wonderful for someone every day.

  • Partner up with a few of the best wholesalers in your territory. They know what all the top advisors are doing correctly and can help you design great events for prospects and clients.

  • Write a letter to all of your top clients and tell them how much you treasure their relationships.

  • Identify the top twenty prospects in your community and develop a plan to reach out to them.

  • Read Richard Capalbo’s “The Ultimate Customers Service Model and put it into practice

  • Create value.

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