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Video Series

A robust series of videos. The first video series is on becoming an Elite Advisor and Million Dollar Plus Producer.

Take them in order once a week, or binge on a weekend.

Series 1: How to Become a Lead Advisor Suite

  1. Introduction

  2. Managing your book

  3. The Reality Model

  4. How to export unwanted clients

  5. Creating A Value Statement

  6. Profiling

  7. Modeling

  8. Finding the right Accounts

  9. Strategic Networking

  10. Niche Marketing

  11. Social Prospecting

  12. Community Marketing

  13. Reciprocity Marketing

  14. Event Marketing

  15. Rules of engagement

  16. Influence Part 1

  17. Influence Part 2

18. Trust

19. How to create repeatable processes

20. How to become a better communicator

21. There is more than one right answer

22. Client and Asset Retention

23. Creating a sophisticated Money Management process

24. Differentiating yourself from others

25. Being the best at what you do

26. Becoming a life advisor

27. How to build a successful client service team

28. How to use wholesalers effectively

29. How to build a Robust Capacity


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