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Richard J. Capalbo

As a speaker

As an accomplished speaker, Richard has delivered an impressive portfolio of more than 3,000 presentations spanning every facet of the securities industry. His expertise lies in elevating the professionalism and honing the skills of Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers. With an extensive repertoire comprising over 40 distinct topics, Richard has solidified the bedrock of his presentations.

Consistently lauded as one of the industry's premier speakers, Richard's unparalleled insights have left an indelible mark. His illustrious career encompasses pivotal roles in major insurance companies, top national and regional securities firms, and leading money management institutions across the United States. Additionally, he has shared his wealth of knowledge with prestigious academic institutions such as Wharton and USC, while also contributing as a distinguished faculty member at Loyola Marymount University Business School—earning him the esteemed title of outstanding professor of the year. Richard's impactful presence extends beyond boardrooms to include Insurance Companies, Banks and Universities, affirming his status as a trailblazer in the field of education and communication.

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As an author

Richard, a prolific author and thought leader, has authored an impressive trilogy of books and penned 36 comprehensive white papers throughout his illustrious career. Among his literary contributions, "The Ultimate Customer Service Model," his latest masterpiece, stands as an unparalleled dossier, widely acclaimed as the pinnacle of practice management literature for advisors in the dynamic realm of wealth management.

Richard's literary legacy is not confined to shelves; his influential works, including the aforementioned book and a treasure trove of enlightening white papers, are readily accessible at our store. Continuing to disseminate invaluable insights, he has embarked on a monthly blogging journey, offering a wealth of knowledge to a broad audience. Richard's impact transcends the written word, establishing him as a beacon of wisdom in the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management.

As a mentor

Distinguished as a mentor par excellence, Richard has been shaped by the profound influence of more than 15 mentors in his life. His understanding of the transformative power mentors wield extends beyond the theoretical, as he intimately comprehends the seismic impact they can impart on the intricate tapestry of both personal and business lives.

In a testament to his commitment to paying it forward, Richard extends a lifeline to those less fortunate, providing a bespoke mentoring service. Here, advisors gain direct access to his wealth of knowledge and experience, able to connect with him personally to unravel the complexities of their challenges and forge strategic pathways to triumph.

Guided by the sage wisdom inherited from his mentors, Richard propounds the belief that there exists not merely one right answer, but a plethora of solutions to any given challenge or opportunity. In a role that transcends conventional mentoring, he leads advisors through a nuanced evaluation process, empowering them to explore diverse and innovative approaches.

For a deeper dive into Richard's insights and reflections on the dynamic interplay of mentorship, don't miss the invaluable content on his blog dedicated to mentors—an intellectual sanctuary where profound wisdom and experiential knowledge converge.

As a coach 


In the realm of literary prowess, Richard stands as a luminary, having authored three impactful books and crafted 36 white papers that serve as a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence. His latest opus, "The Ultimate Customer Service Model," is not merely a book; it is widely hailed as the pièce de résistance in practice management for advisors in the wealth management industry—a magnum opus that has set a new standard.

For those seeking to fortify their professional acumen, Richard's literary treasures, comprising his book and a compendium of enlightening white papers, are available for exploration in our store. Elevating his commitment to knowledge dissemination, Richard now channels his expertise into a monthly blog, ensuring that a wealth of insights is accessible to all.

In the arena of personal coaching—an indispensable facet of an advisor's toolkit—Richard has forged a dynamic partnership with the esteemed Bob Lodie. A titan in financial advisor and wealth management coaching, Bob's extensive track record is a testament to his mastery in guiding financial advisors and branch managers over the years (refer to Bob's resume for a glimpse into his illustrious career).

Under Richard's tutelage, personal coaching services extend beyond the norm, specifically tailored for wholesalers seeking to refine their craft. This collaboration epitomizes a synergy of experience and expertise, offering a transformative coaching experience that transcends the ordinary, propelling individuals toward unparalleled success.

As a collaborator 

Richard's legacy is a towering testament to over five decades of unparalleled mastery in the dynamic realms of Wealth Management and Securities industries. A luminary in his own right, he currently joins forces with two other titans, Don Connelly and Robert Lodi, each boasting an illustrious 50-year tenure in their respective domains.

Don Connelly, an authority in soft skills, brings a wealth of expertise to the collaborative table. His nuanced understanding of the human element in the financial landscape is second to none. On the other front, Robert Lodi emerges as an accomplished wealth management coach, finely honed by decades of hands-on experience in the industry.

Together, this triumvirate of industry legends manifests an extraordinary confluence of wisdom, collectively amassing an awe-inspiring 150 years of seasoned experience. To tap into the shared reservoir of knowledge forged by Richard, Don, and Robert is to embark on a transformative journey, where the cumulative depth of insights promises an unparalleled and truly unique experience in the ever-evolving world of securities. It's not just collaboration; it's a symphony of mastery, a collective force that shapes the very fabric of excellence in the securities industry.

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