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What they are saying about Richard 

Chief client officer of a major New York Stock Exchange Firm

        Finally some one gets it right! Richard understands that keeping your best clients is much more important than bringing in new ones. Not only are your clients the lifeblood of your business but they are the key to continuing to build a great practice year in and year out.


 Director of Institution Marketing at a hedge fund

         Richard has developed a sixth sense when it comes to the use of customer service to build a successful business. His methods of creating a network of resources to serve clients are unparalleled. It is easy to see why he is one of the most popular and sought-after. Speakers in the Financial Services Industry. 



Multimillion-Dollar producer at a New York Stock Exchange firm.

          Richard has done the most significant introspection of the role of a financial advisor since Nick Murrays landmark work. His client service model raises the bar.  .  

PhD and Chairman of a Scientific Firm

         This book is the Rosetta Stone to Customer Service. Concept after concept leads the service professional to develop the manta, “I’s all about them.” Putting your best clients first is a lesson that has to be learned over and over again until it is indelibly transposed on your brain.    


Dean of the graduate school of Management of one of the leading Universities in Southern California

     With all the attention to analytical methods in business management these days many have forgotten the art and importance of relationship management. This book is a tutorial on building trust between the professional advisor and his or her clients


Professional speaker, motivator and educator.

        I have known Richard Capalbo for years, both as a personal friend and as a business associate. I place great value in what he has to say- Richard gets it right.  


What they are saying about Richard's presentation on the Ultimate Customer Service Model

- Different than what I expected, compelling and useful

- Great Presenter

- Best session for 1.24 hrs I have ever seen

- Fabulous speakers w/ great message

- Very engaging (2) Insightful seminar

- Funny Wonderful Helpful Useful Excellent Impactful Relevant Truly enjoyable Very real world, honest and simple Awesome! Amazing

- Simplistic-yet overly effective, Excellent concepts- Very well presented

- Enjoyed the session very much, Very interesting and enjoyable to listen to, Want to have more

- I like the soft political incorrectness…kept everyone on edge of their seat

- Good stories, Very hands on examples, Practical real world theories, Provided excellent tools, Very practical, Great stories to make your points

- Heard a lot of this before but this was presented in a more compelling and actionable way, Good presentation

- Outstanding - can't wait to look for the book

- Very useful ideas on how to service you top 20% clients

- Great presentation, Outstanding presentation, Great session, Exceptional talk, Excellent content, Very effective presentation,

- Terrific…great usable ideas

- Powerful stuff- needed by all FA's and leaders Good info

- Excellent presentation

- The best so far, good take aways, Terrific use of examples

- Very effective speaker

- Enjoyed it!

- Much to learn and retain here

- Great! I will personally takeaway 4 pages of notes, Fun to listen to-but important ideas to further your success

- Real life delivery of "ultimate model", Superior presentation and loaded with solutions to life problems

What they are saying about Don 

    I just wanted to thank you for your regular encouragement and great information. I can sometimes get so caught up in the hectic day to day! Your little reminders and gems of information are greatly valued and appreciated.


     Don Connelly is the absolute best. Wisdom is the word I think of when Don is speaking.


     Every time I listen to you I learn so much!  You always get me back to the fundamentals.  Telling my story to people is something I must do more often.”


      You’ve had a great impact throughout my career. I am delighted to see that you are still changing lives.”  


       96 RJ advisors heard you share one phenomenal story after another.   Tremendous job!  Nobody delivers as much passion as you, not even close. Thank you for doing what you do.


     Thank you very much.  I have had the pleasure of hearing your talks many times over the years, and I benefit each and every time I listen to you.  Thank you for giving so generously of yourself.  It benefits advisors and the clients we serve.


       Don, I have loved your advice and coaching over the years.  I so much respect for you and your work.


      You meet a few people in your life that you really get a kick out of, and you remember what they said. You are in that small group


       It was truly a great highlight in my career to spend time with you. I am an advocate for storytelling, and it was a great reminder how important that is in serving our clients.


What they are saying about Bob 

Wirehouse, Sr. Financial Advisor

          Bob transformed my approach to client situations in just 15 months. His coaching helped me turn obstacles into opportunities, making 'lemons out of Lemonade.' Truly grateful for the valuable lessons.


ML Advisor

      Bob enlightened me on aligning goals with expectations. His guidance made me realize that true success comes from understanding what I aim to achieve. Thank you, Bob!


Branch Manager

     Thriving in the Boy's Club as a Female Branch Manager became possible with Bob's coaching and insights. His support has been instrumental in navigating the challenges and succeeding.



LPL Advisor

    Discovering Process Focus over Goal-oriented strategies was a game-changer. Bob's coaching has given me a winning edge in my practice. Highly recommend his insights.

Mortgage Agent

       Bob lightened my workload with Kipling’s 'Six Honest Men.' His introduction to this concept made a significant impact on how I approach my tasks. Highly effective coaching! 


WFA Complex Manager

        Bob opened my eyes to the power of a 'growth mindset.' His MBA template provided a solid foundation for me to embark on this transformative journey in both my career and personal life. Invaluable lessons learned.


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